Have you ever wondered how to make pottery? How about how to build a website or a kit car?

Let me introduce you to YouTube. If it’s a video and it’s not copyrighted most likely it is on YouTube. These include music videos, great moments in sports and Fluffy Bum the Cat chasing lasers. So how has YouTube changed the game? Well firstly because anyone can contribute, YouTube diverse range of content to satisfy any need or curiosity. One of advantages about YouTube is the contributors make the money for the videos they produce. So you know the money goes to where it should; to the people making the content.

Interested in David Attenborough documentaries; just type his name into search bar. Think you could learn more about how our changing planet; then climate change is your search phrase. Is the war on drugs lost? There are debates galore on the topic. Explore. Try something and see the results you get. Make a mistake that’s how you learn about something new with little guidance – through trial and error.

With YouTube, the idea that you sit in front of television as you endure ads to watch a program that we are semi-interested is becoming increasingly absurd. Young people these days will most likely not have a television in their homes and if they do its to show movies and videos they have found through the internet. The only things limiting your enjoyment of YouTube is your curiosity and your imagination.

Talking about using YouTube is really difficult because it’s like recommending ice cream flavours, it’s difficult because I don’t know what you like. All I can say is YouTube is a platform for your enjoyment and do with it as you wish whether that is building something with instructional videos, broadening your mind with documentaries or personal development through health and fitness videos. It’s all there waiting and it’s free.

Type “youtube” into Google or “www.youtube.com” into the address bar. A whole world of videos is waiting for you out there.


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