Welcome to the Learning Hub! Your one stop shop for technology advice.

The learning hub came about from the feedback of our customers who wanted technology advice. Either they find technology baffling and the complexities of the technological age overwhelms them or they are motivated learners however the technology advice resources they find confuse them and they promptly give up.

The vision for this hub is to build a community by gathering motivated technology beginners and answering their questions and troubleshooting common problems. Educating them regarding the capabilities of technology and troubleshoot common problems our clients face. This is all done in language they understand. So users can have a peaceful, more enjoyable experience with their technology through friendly, understandable technology advice.

Let this website be a testament to the fact the internet provides amazing resources. This website was built by our son, Jonny, who previously had no website design knowledge. Within a few months and a lot of instructional videos later we had a new website.


Our Guiding Philosophy for Approaching Technology

Working with technology day in, day out, we know all too well the trials and tribulations of trying to get it to behave. Believe it or not, we were not always experts and the only reason we are able to fix your problems is because we have encountered them before. Like everyone we have had to scratch our heads, try everything we know under the sun and after a few curse words and imagining throwing it out the door we try something that works. It’s fixed, we learnt something, in a better position to give you technology advice and the world keeps turning. Sometimes this process entails rolling up your sleeve and going into the very depths of internet and our resources.

I am absolutely confident that given enough time everyone can become competent with technology. Some have more time, some double down when they encounter difficulties, some have access to better resources and some have young malleable minds – dam those younguns. If I had to impart a guiding philosophy it would be:

If you can follow a recipe you can get a handle on technology even design a webpage like this one.


Computers Do What You Tell Them; A Blessing and Curse

The reason for my conviction is the simple fact that computers run on yes and no commands, there is no wiggle room. If you tell a computer to turn up at 6pm for dinner. It will turn up at 6pm, time and time again until you tell it to stop.

At no time is this more obvious when you are “coding” or writing instructions for the computer. If you miss out one full stop or one semi colon, tough luck! The computer will not understand your set of instructions. That’s how computers are built. Small set of instructions stacked on top of each other until we have the incredible machines we have in front of you today.



If you can follow a recipe then you can use technology. A recipe that will make you want to tear your eyes out and drop kick your kitten through a wall until you realise your password isn’t working because you left caps lock on.

Please keep in mind that we are a busy business with over thousand clients to service. This blog one of many aspects to our growing business.

What are you waiting for? Get exploring.


The Beginners Block

These articles are essential for beginners. Make your way through the entire block to get a grip on the fundamental, most used tools available on your computer through the internet.