The best place to start is arguably the most valuable tool known to computing. The gateway to the internet. The tool that is responsible for currently one of largest and most innovative companies in the world. This company is Google and this tool is Google Search. Ever heard the term, “Google it”. That’s right. Google Search has been such a game changer the term has been made it’s way into our vernacular.

Time for a mini history lesson. Back in the late 90s – early 00s, internet users faced a problem. Websites littered the internet and people were excited at the potential to share information and potentially sell goods. The dilemma that faced internet users is they would have to remember the website address which was troublesome, you would have people pondering was it “.com” or “.co.nz”. If you didn’t get it exactly right then you wouldn’t find the webpage. So Google and hundred other companies engineered “search engines”. Long story short, Google’s search engine was the best for many reasons and hence the behemoth we know today.

How is Google Search useful?

Imagine you have a query like “When did woman get the vote in New Zealand?”. You have a few options. You could look it up in an encyclopedia, you could phone a friend or you could enter your search query into Google Search and see what is on the internet. This third option is the preferred method because of the convenience and accessibility as you can use Google Search on your phone.

How does it work? Bear with me. Google has what are called search bots that scout the internet and index webpages by keywords that appear on the webpage so the webpages are searchable. So when you search, Google complies the most relevant results based on keywords used in the search query which in this case is “when did woman get the vote in New Zealand?” and the keywords are “when, woman, vote, New Zealand”.

The beauty of Google Search is coming up with creative keyword combination when searching for obscure information. Say you were searching for our website but you couldn’t remember our name. You could search for one of our names such as “Steve Hobo-Tuck computers” or “computer repairs”. If “computer repairs” returns US business you could refine the search to “computer repairs new plymouth”. We should be there on the first page.

Ever had a burning question like what is the largest city in the world and how many people live there? Google is perfect for this. Go have fun and learn something new with Google Search.


The Beginners Block

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