Online banking… because who needs saving when you have cravings for fast food on a Friday night?

Online banking has been revolutionary. Try telling a teen these days that not so long ago the only way you can transfer money was by a written piece of paper you had to sign and this service was only available 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday, they will start to question whether you are from 1900’s. You can almost hear them now, “Did you also get around on horseback?”

So why has online banking taken off and changed the world of banking? Two reasons, convenience and cost effectiveness. Convenience has been outlined above 24/7 access to your money anywhere that has an internet connection but also people forget online banking is the automation of processes because if we can make a machine provide a service, you only have to pay for the maintenance costs of that machine-based process. So we have ushered in the days where savings are accessible around the clock but no longer do we have to visit the bank red faced as your groceries sit in Countdown, is a convenience most people can’t turn down.

In the world of online banking, the banks have taken the responsibility of providing online banking services. So no new names to learn, it’s simply Kiwibank, ANZ, Westpac, ASB, BNZ and TSB. What is new is the medium you use to move and allocate your money. Two techniques, the first is internet based banking through your web browser which is accessible through any computer and the banks take reasonable steps to make sure your money and banking details are secure. The second, is an application or app for short, these run on tablet and mobile phone although they follow the same principles the mobile platform operates slightly differently. This platform is worth learning because as long as you have an internet connection, you have a personal banker in your pocket.

Tutorials and advive about this technology is all part of their service experience after all the banks provide the service and they deal with most likely hundred of thousands of dollars of your money. So ask them about internet banking next time you drop in, hopefully not red faced from the supermarket.

Here is a video from our ANZAC brothers for the visual learners.

Happy computing.


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