Facebook. Most of us have heard of it. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s creator, is pretty much a household name.

Allegedly stolen by Mr. Zuckerberg, a software engineer, attending Harvard at the time. Who built the first draft of the website in his college dorm room. But what is Facebook? Why do people use it? Why is it worth 350 billion dollars? Yes, that’s billion with a “B”.

Facebook is a network that connects friends, family and acquiescences or a social network. What do they do on Facebook? They chat and share content on the internet. These things are pretty much everything the internet has to offer from cat videos, thought-provoking articles, scientific discoveries or emotionally charged rants.

Historically, Facebook existed complementary to the internet and was a forum for sharing information as time has gone on to many people, Facebook is the internet and the method by which information finds them. How does this happen? By a friend making you aware of a picture, a video or an article or a page based on one of interests that you have in common. Much like Google has become the standard for searching the internet, Facebook is the predominant technique people use to identity themselves online with many website having the ability to “Log In with Facebook” but that is a whole another article.

How is it worth so much? Mainly because it plays such a pivotal role within the world wide web and internet traffic. For young people these days, if they have a spare five or ten minutes they are on Facebook. All this traffic and attention can be used by marketers to promote their products and for Facebook to make money. It’s prominence is only growing with estimates that it will some day be a trillion dollar. The only question is who will get there first, Google, Apple or Facebook.

So you want to join up. It’s really simple. Google search “facebook” or put in www.facebook.com” into your browser address bar. I could walk you through the specifics of everything you need to do but I would only writing what someone could show you.

Basic tutorial


Comprehensive tutorial

Happy Computing.

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