Now there is nothing like receiving a hand written letter or a face to face conversation to really express how you feel but in our fast paced world most often it is only the words that are important and when they travel to England in mere seconds – that’s progress.

Welcome to weird and wonderful world of email. We have found our customers enjoy the convenience and speed of email to the point where it has replaced letter writing for our older clients and for our younger clients letter writing is a lost art.

What is email? What is it role in the modern age?

It’s role in the technology landscape varies largely from person to person and their specific needs. For most people is their formal way to be contacted by friends, organisations which they belong and are interested in and, of course, advertisers. Like Google is for searching for information, email is to written communication. Accessible, cheap and wide reaching form of communication. Have a list of 100 in your mailing list. Type out a newsletter. Send it to all of them, everything taking less than hour. Imagine trying to contact the same 100 people through hand written letters.

How can you get an email and how can I set it up?

Good question. Ultimately the process of getting an email address is the same and in most cases, free unless you are a business. There are a range of email provider such as Gmail or Yahoo or go through your telecommunications provider such as Spark or Vodafone.

This is where the services differ. Now you have two choices. “Webmail” like Gmail which you access through your web browser or “mail software” like Outlook which you access through an icon on your desktop. Oh, there are also apps for your tablets and phone but let’s not go there. So advantages and disadvantages computer-based email, webmail can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection but you have to put your username and password to access your emails. Mail software is more automated and after opening the software your new emails are one click away but it also takes a computer technician to set up. So it really is what suits your needs.

Here is an instructional video to guide you through setting up a gmail account.


If you prefer mail software like Outlook, please call us to discuss options. See how “call us” is blue. You can click it to go to be directed to our phone number.


The Beginners Block

These articles are essential for beginners. We advise making your way through the entire block to get a grip on the fundamental, most used tools available on your computer through the internet.