If I’m being completely honest, a computer without the internet is boring.

Ever heard of the young complain there is no “WiFi”. That’s because without the internet they can’t connect with the rest of world and access content such as photos and videos of friends. Without the internet, you really haven’t even begun to take advantage of your computer’s potential.

So if I don’t have the internet, how would my life change if I were to get it?

Hmmmm, nothing major, it would only change every single one of your consumption habits apart from maybe buying fuel for your car. From the things you watch, to how you get your news, to how you bank, to how you find answers to nearly every question you can think of. The internet is the largest existing body of knowledge we have created with nearly half of the world, 3.7 billion people, engaged on the platform.

So what are the reasons against connecting to the internet?

  • I don’t understand it. It’s scary. I don’t know how secure my information is. Especially with banking. These scammers and tricksters are stealing money off people everyday.

I totally get where you are coming from. The internet has scammers and tricksters, no doubt. For this reason if you are starting out, stick to the big names. Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, the news outlets I will recommend. I can say with 100 percent certainty they will not scam you. The only way you will figure out what is dodgy is spending time on the internet. One big giveaway is something that is “too good to true”. I would also recommend not banking online until you have your confidence up and can recognise the scammers.

  • It’s all too much. This Google and Facebook is all new to me and I can see myself struggling to learn it all.

In the beginning we all struggled. Learning something comes with frustration but there is loads you can do to reduce this and the resources I will direct will give you the training wheels you need to get started. But it is a testament to usefulness of the internet that so many people have double down and learnt how to navigate it.

  • It’s a young person game. I have missed the boat plus there is probably nothing on there for me anyway.

It is by no means a young persons game. Young people may have the advantage in that they pick things up quicker. As you will see in the following articles about Wikipedia – the one stop shop for knowledge, Youtube – which has nearly every video you could want. Have you wanted to learn how to play the guitar or change the oil in your vintage car? It all there on YouTube. How about plot your family tree: there is a website for that too.

  • It’s too good to be true. It will end up costing me loads money, I just know it

You have your internet connection fee which is between $40 – $75 dollars per month. The reason for the difference is heavy users need more data, if you are just starting out then a basic plan will be more than enough. Once you are connected to the internet there are loads of free resources. The purpose of this series is to show you how to get the most out of the net safely and cheaply.The only time you spend money is when you choose. If you are a beginner, I recommend not using your credit card until you have a feel for what’s genuine and what’s a scam.