COVID-19 Precautions

As a business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, safety is of the upmost importance. For this reason, not all our services are available.

See below for the services we have available

These are unprecedented times for businesses, health services, and government. As business owners and operators, we hold ourselves to a high standard – we will help to the best of our ability. However, we are not accustomed to these conditions and we ask for your patience and understanding during these testing times.

1. Remote Support

In terms of safety for both technician and client, there is no equal to servicing remotely. Remote servicing is letting our technician log on and operate your computer to fix the problem without leaving the office

However, the types of problems that can be fixed are very limited.


2. Phone Support and Walkthough

The next safest practicing for troubleshooting technology is phone support with one of our technicians. In these times, this is the go-to support option for internet problems.

However, this practice is particularly difficult as it relies on the ability of the technician to visualise problems without being on-site and deliver step by step instructions to a, sometimes, inexperienced client.

3. Contactless Servicing

Contactless servicing is the troubleshooting technique designed to service computers. The integrity of the contactless servicing relies on the practice of sanitising computers on arrival and upon departure. This ensures no bacteria is traded from the client to the technician and technician to the client.

The limitation of this service is the client is not able to demonstrate the problem in the company of the technician.

#. Home Visits

Unfortunately our most effective troubleshooting tool, the home visit is not feasible due to COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions.

Operating during the lower levels, we ensure the safety of both technician and client by using best practices. This includes wearing a mask during visits and sanitising both hands and equipment through the home visit. 

We will inform our customers of any additional measures that need to be taken at the beginning of their home visit and on any further changes to this policy in due course.

Call Us to Discuss Options

With the assortment of devices and their applications, it is best to talk to experts for advice. Call us to service your computers, laptops, tablets, and printers.