Technology Upgrades

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Linux Operating System

This piece of software is an operating system. It produces your desktop and means you are able to use your computer. Most computers come with either standard Windows or Apple operating systems. For example, Windows 10 or OS X which is Apple. At Computers and Beyond we suggest using competitor, Linux. LINUX is different. It is an open-source piece of software which means it is created and moderated by a community of experienced and motivated developers. It is arguably easier to use than Window’s or Apple’s operating system and cheaper.

If you want an easier and more straight forward experience with your technology, LINUX may be for you. Call us and find out.

Hardware Upgrades

When you are frustrated with technology it is a difficult position for an inexperienced users because often they are unsure what will resolve their situation. Some disgruntled users have spent hundreds of dollars just to be confronted with the same problem. Usually, this predicament is frustrating slow devices. Waiting 10 minutes for your device to start up is unacceptable. A computer between 3 – 5 years old may not need to be replaced. To improve its performance it will need a hardware upgrade. What the hell is a hardware upgrade? Hardware is a broad term that covers the various components that make up “the engine” of your computer. If you want to go faster you will have to upgrade the components of your computer. Have you heard a gamer talk about his new “video card”? Or perhaps your tech savvy friend has mentioned “RAM”? These are two pieces of hardware that after installation will improve the performance of your computer.

Is a hardware upgrade a solution to your technology predicament? Call us and find out.

New/Replacement Technology

Sometimes, especially with the acceleration of capabilities of technology, after a length of time upgrading your existing technology is no longer an option. The only option is purchasing new devices. This can be a difficult as most of us do not know what technology will suit our needs. Typically salespeople can advocate technology with features we don’t need.

If you are looking for advice on choosing a device that is best for you and not break the bank – give us a call.

Give Us a Call to Discuss Options

With the all the software and diverse requirements of business it’s best to talk to experts about your technology needs.